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An Honest Story


It’s been a while since this blog was updated but we are going to try and change that by doing regular interviews and profiles with our traders. First off are one of our many new kids on the block, Honest Burgers.

On Tuesday June 14 Honest Burgers opened in First Avenue in Brixton Village and according to reports there was a queue of about 10 people outside its doors before the grilling had even begun. The buzz around this new burger joint on Twitter is strong, and it seems to be a hit amongst our traders too, with the ladies from Relay tweeting about eating there twice a week.

So we sat down with grill master Tom Barton, one of the team members behind Honest to have a little chat about the restaurant.

Honest burgers

Tom doing his thing at Honest. (Photo: Studio 73)

How did Honest come about?

My friend Phil Eeles and I originally started out in Brighton where we went to uni, with an outdoors catering business. That was about two years ago, and we used to have a lot of conversations about actually running a restaurant cause what we were doing was mostly catering at festivals, and that sort of thing.

While Phil and I were doing these catering gigs we randomly met Dorian Waite, a friend of a friend who has restaurant experience and after a few beers, we got to chatting and realised there was a gap in the market. I moved to Brixton about four months ago, and my girlfriend and I were walking around Brixton Village and our first thought was, “It’s magical down here. Absolutely brilliant. There’s nothing like it”. So we spoke to the market manager Rashid and took it from there.

Why the name Honest?

We wanted to come up with a name that would show that we are not about fancy chef tricks. Basically we serve good, honest food. Nothing’s just thrown on the plate here. We’ve picked the best butchers and meat you can find in the UK at the moment. We use free range chickens and eggs. We have gluten free bread provided by WAGfree bakery here in the Village, and we use chickpea flour in everything you’ll expect flour to be in. We don’t use any thickeners, stabilisers or chemical agents in our food – it’s just beef, bit of salt and pepper…It’s honest food.

Honest burgers

Team Honest: Dorian Waite, Tom Barton, Phil Eeles. (Photo: Studio 73)

Tell us a bit about your burgers…

All our produce is cooked in the best way possible using British ingredients. Our menu is good value for money and you can get an entire burger meal complete with salad and chips for £6.50. All our produce is local and traceable. Our meat is from The Ginger Pig farm in Yorkshire.

Anything for vegetarians?

Yes. We have a great vegetarian fritter that’s good and crunchy and served with coriander yoghurt. We’ve got pretty good feedback on them.

And what’s this we are hearing about the chips?

Our potatoes are hand peeled, hand cut into chips here in the restaurant. They are triple fried and seasoned with a pinch of rosemary salt and lemon to give them a zesty twang.

Sounds delicious. Anything else you want to add?

Honest Burgers has been a real pipe dream for us and we can’t believe it’s actually happened. It’s been hard graft from day 1 and we’ve done our best to make the restaurant look as nice as we can on a budget. Take a look at our Flickr album to see the process. We are open for lunch Tuesdays to Sundays, and open till 10pm Thursday to Saturday. We look forward to welcoming all our lovely customers.

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