Agile Rabbit Pizza cafe

31 Jan

At the Agile Rabbit so far we have brought you …

every day

The very best pizzas, by the slice or by the pie, coffee at the rightest price and exactly as you goona like it. ..and exotic Chai tea too …

Thursday evenings have sometimes given rise to wild and always eclectic mixture of entertainment with your slice of pizza

such as the grittiest poetry night in town that is Jack Blackburn’s ‘Conform’, Live music from extraordinarry performers like London’s own Lewis Floyd Henry, guitar virtuoso Phil Taylor and oso and even riotous Canadian punk rockers Eamon Mcgrath and  Ryder Havdale’s Mowhawk Lodge.

In the year of the Rabbit

…the promise is more

more fun and art  and performances all with your favourite pizza all with as much more as we can get on to the famous paper plate..

on 17th Feb we open again in the evening until 10 p.m with our very own Barka and friends and don’t miss Jack Blackburn’s ‘Conform’ when he returns on Thursday 24th February

see you then if not before…

with love from he the Agile Rabbit and all the merry men and women…


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